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Journey to the fantasy world, mysticpath(bd), us sapphire

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This journey was started three years ago. One rainy day I’ve entered in this fantasy world. I had choose myself as a bd(subhajeet) in us-sapphire. There was everything very beautiful.

Now entering to the story.......

Wow! Weather is cool. But what I have to do? Let’s ask that guy. Hmm he is offering me a job, If I do he will give me some gold and experience, I should do.giving quest.png

One by one I did many quest in these days and now I am 13. Now I should ask someone how to go Irselnort. I heard there is many pro players lives and there I can get better weapons.

going to irselnort.png

It is long time I’m here in irselnort and now I’m 20. In these days I had met some friends Sandhu(priest), Pestilent(mage). Now day’s we playing in a group. Some people was said there is a big dungeon in the middle of irselnort and if we complete that we can go to the ayvondil. Sandhu said he heard there are hardest bosses and raid bosses in ayvondil. So today we are going berengers dungeon

.when going bg.png

Last few days we did many quests in a group because here quests are much hard. We helped each other’s and died many times. We have completed Maliat town and tlalocs town. We did two big and hard dungeon here. There pestilent got a staff drop from rotten garden and sandhu got a precious ring from termetary. My luck was a little bad. We are now 23 and we are going forward to the next town

.going t3.png

Finally we have completed marakosh town and pelion town and now we are 28. We had died 100+ times in marakosh and pelion. It was a hardest journey last few days. There we met some friends we helped them and they helped us. Two of them is fortknight(warden) and uks(paladin). They were  tank for us.


Now we are 5 players group. We do Kronus dungeon, trees of season dungeon, Technopolis dungeon, event dungeons, spawn and faceless together. We got many drops and some precious drops also like faceless, spawn, troll, serpent, speed book etc.


Now days we heard there is portal right side of Maliat town. At other side of the portal there is a underwater town and there can be we get lot’s of new things. We heard workers working on portal to make it useful, so we are waiting for explore underwater town.


Real life or gaming life without friends there is no fun.


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