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Skill upgraded: insect swarm


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I like it! Till now i wasn't using the skill very much... but now it is really helpfull. Either in killing mobs as in arena :D

I'm level 15 and i was very sure i would upgrade Entangle at lvl 16... now i'm not so sure anymore.

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Bees deal dot damage or 1 hit damage?


eitherway thats great for druids, now with dmg this skill might be druids best one. Idk about bees cooldown but I would consider bees before lightning if dps wasnt to much effected.

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dot-damage. The cooldown is 15 seconds and uses 15 energy.

Lightning is 1 hit. The cooldown is 7 seconds and uses 14 energy.

Lightning seems to me the better damage-dealer. But of course bees has other nice features :)



I can't compare it because i have lightning 5 and bees 1. But i use it on mobs sometimes.. Easy mobs gets 286 lightning damage, and 4x 50 (=200) bee-damage.

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I find it pretty useful for my druid specially for boss fights. It gives extra damage while slowing down the target's attacks. And it can be stacked when there are more than one druids in a party. That makes the kill a bit easier. The upgrade is nicely placed.

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