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[2018.06.22] Game servers restart

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Dear players!


Today, 22.06.2018, at 13:20 CEST our game servers will be restarted due to the fixing of mail that works incorrectly now. The game will be unavailable for about 1 hour.


Please, don't plan anything significant at this time.


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10 minutes ago, Zilvinas Zavis said:

I have found one bug recently while lvling up charmer. In this pic you see that you should be able to walk through here but actualy you cant. I think you guys accidently forgot to fix it. 



Thanks for the report! Devs will fix it very soon :yesss-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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1 minute ago, Zilvinas Zavis said:

I wouldnt mind getting 1 extra pocket every day :crazy:

It isn't supposed to be, because that chest is special and only can be gotten 1x by existing characters and new chars which are created during the birthday event :smile:

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