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Improvement for charmer

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First a note for charmer

Should build base on mace & shield and staff as secondary weapon

Why? Because with staff call and otherworldly blessing skills get off that mean hero with 4 main skill

Only with mace you can use all skills


Warden v dk . warlock v mage

Necro v priest . druid v shaman

Paladin v barb . rogue v seeker

Hunter v ranger . ......

And what remains

charmer v bd but no. because charmer does not have agro

Elf side have 3 tanks so why not in mcs too

And barb almost nobody use it as tank for dg

So why dont give charmer a tank skill?

He has block and good armor

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8 hours ago, Lyzois said:

charmer = solo tanker, stunner/ 

healer, or damager, your choice, even works on right set



.   | \

This is the ultimate definition of the charmer.

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charmer is a great class but I think she is distributing a lot of damage, in some occasions the lackey of the class gets to distribute 450+ damage that ends up disturbing in a pvp, think with me the damage of the enchanting + 450 damage, this is a lot of damage. -zssolarzss(br-tourmaline)


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