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[2018.06.04] Update Warspear Online 7.6: 10 years of Сonfrontation. Preview.

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Ten years of a massive war between Alliances, rescuing of Arinar from numerous villains, completing of complicated dungeons and other adventures are behind. In update 7.6, many ghosts of the past will return to Arinar, because every birthday is an excellent occasion to indulge in memories. Moreover, there are new Dungeons, gear, costumes and many more surprises prepared for you!


Mythical Dungeons


Great adventures continue! The Mythical difficulty level of Dungeons is dedicated specially for those warriors, who are ready not only for difficulties, but also for new powerful gear as a reward. So, an additional level of difficulty will be added to:


Berengar's Tower (recommended level - 20)

Deal with all Salamander Champions to be able to find and kill Mighty Kingu. Only those warriors who will cope with this task, will be able to receive the most valuable rewards!


Rotting Garden (recommended level - 22)

The monstrous Servants of the Filth stand on the way to Spawn of Hell - the embodiment of all your nightmares. But no self-respected warrior will get afraid of that, with all the untold treasures awaiting for their owners.


Termitary (recommended level - 24)

Kill all the defenders of Termitary and defeat the Termite Queen. It's not so easy, but the rewards won't disappoint you!


Tree of the Seasons (recommended level - 26)

The victory over the main boss of the dungeon will become a challenge even for experienced players. Don't forget all your boldness and experience when coming there, and the most valuable treasures of the Tree of the Seasons will become yours!


Technopolis (recommended level - 28)

There are even more dangerous enemies in the mysterious ruins of Technopolis now. Expect new unique challenges in the fight againste a powerfull boss - Nomarch-5, but the reward will definitely be worth it!


All details about rewards will be posted on the release day.


During the event, there will be no requirement for reputation in these dungeons at all levels of difficulty.


Heroic level of difficulty in Champions Coliseum


In Champions Coliseum Dungeon, there will be added a heroic level of difficulty (the recommended level is 26). You have to kill the monsters, surrounded by a golden glow, then destroy 5 totems of rage, and then find and kill the mighty Rufetria. But is it really going to stop you on the way to truly excellent awards?


By the way, for Guild Dungeons there will be a new requirement on the entrance - the level of the guild. In order to enter the Dungeon, all members of the group must be in the same guild. New incredible awards at all levels of difficulty are guaranteed!


Guild PvE events


Great news for those who think that Snorlar is the top, and Beholder rocks! All your favorite bosses return to Arinar to test your strength. Unite against them in guilds, complete Dungeons and get an additional guild award!


65e92c0ee05246dc1f0d0d853456016e.pngSnorlar (Irselnort)

Snorlar is a mad demigod from the disciples of Volcano. The fiery God received his divine power during the fatal eruption on Irselnort, sacrificing his disciples - throwing them into a hot muzzle. Snorlar was the only one to survive and he even tried to warn the inhabitants of the island of danger, but everywhere he was only ridiculed and mocked because of his ugliness. Overflowing with malice, Snorlar went into voluntary exile and descended back into a hot muzzle. Endless torments ended in his body and soul splitting into two, and his mind was confused.


You can reach Snorlar through a teleport in Nadir Sard.


d44911f074bf90c476b439c6b6f2a136.pngDemonologist (Irselnort)

Demonologist is a sage who has gone too far in his research. Luring the scientist into a trap, the powerful demon Titorion stole his soul and mutilated the body. Since then, Demonologist, having lost the remnants of humanity, hides his appearance under a grim mask. Becoming a servant of Sam Hein, Demonologist was defeated together with his master, then took refuge in Irselnort. A particle of Titorion's power helped him to pass through the Gates of Shadows, where he had been hiding until he decided to return to Irsnelnort.


Demonologist can be found in front of the Gates of Shadows in the center of the citadel of Berengar.


87d495d44c6ad49eb42033b6493b1797.pngAvenger (Irselnort)

Avenger is one of the four original dragons that guarded the Garden of Gods at the dawn of time. At that time, Avenger was called Flavius. After his brother Ruberius was deceived and killed, Flavius left the Garden, vowing to take revenge on Garaan. He was not able to do it, because Garaan was enchanted by Harad and Nuad in a secret dungeon. Hatred dried the soul of Flavius, who was now called Avenger: he found the last shelter in the Sanctuary of Berengar, to whom he passed all his great wisdom. But the Avenger's hatred was so great that he did not find peace even after death, becoming a terrible bone dragon. Leaving the pedestal, he wanders through a deserted hall in the center of the Sanctuary.


The Avenger traditionally stands on the central location of the Shrouded Sanctuary, next to his empty pedestal.


aa67f6170d8bc465292e6023a26d6466.pngBeholder (Irselnort)

Beholder was the first envoy of the forces of Chaos, captured by Berengar many centuries ago, during the construction of the Labyrinth. After the disappearance of Berengar and the decline of its citadel, Beholder was one of the few who managed to get out of the astral prison - and spent many centuries, unseen, in a remote cave in which he was scouring travelers. During this time, the messengers of Chaos heard the call of a fellow man and tried to break through to Irselnort in order to rescue Beholder, but failed.


Beholder will wait for the most desperate warriors in the PvP cave near Nadir Sard.


In addition, there are two new bosses:


c1eb0f40935a1238b96c32a82a45985b.pngRottung Ayr (Ayvondil)

Rottung Ayr is an ominous mutant, grown by a necromancer and possessing unprecedented power. When people learned about Rottung Aire and tried to destroy him, the necromancer imprisoned him in a magic box and safely hid it on remote Ayvondil. Many years later, the location of the box was established: a group from Moraktar went to Ayvondil and found athe magic box. But Rottung Ayr, freed from confinement, managed to subjugate the soldiers, turning them into the same mutants. Together with his servants, he began to terrify the fortress of Ayvondil.


Rottung Ayr moves through the courtyards of the castles with his servants.


e3a655d273e4dd390210c44b429cb4a6.pngNocturne (Ayvondil)

Nocturne is a magical creature endowed with its own consciousness and will. It was created by the Forsaken in the depths of the Abyss as a "weapon of retribution": the consubstantial magic of the Chosen and the Firstborn, Nocturne is invulnerable to them. However, Nocturne got out of control and, having disposed of its creators, disappeared somewhere on the Ayvondil, where the forces of darkness and light had long intertwined. Havin gno need for food or air, Nocturne disappeared at the bottom of the sea, attracted by some mysterious source of power. However, over time, the inhabitants of the sea, terrorized by Nocturne, managed to drive it to the surface - on a deserted island near Maliat.


Nocturne is located on the Lost Island near Maliat, where you can get through a special portal.


Additional buttons in Inventory


Improving of the game interface continues! When you select an item in the bag, three buttons will now be available - "Use", "In chat", "Discard". They will be activated with the Q, W and E buttons, respectively.


There are also some important changes on the factional islands prepared for you, and if you have long wanted to start playing for one of the new classes, then it's time, for now it will be much easier to navigate these islands, and the obligatory story-line quests will take much less time.


For more details about the upcoming holiday wait for the release day!


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6 минут назад, ghokphal сказал:

Still no lv30? :/


I guess you'll have to wait a bit more for that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


4 минуты назад, Waheed сказал:

@daria in order to activate guild event do we need to go to dg ? 


Yep, the mechanics is the same as with the latest event bosses.

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40 minutes ago, Daria said:

Great news for those who think that Snorlal is the top, and Beholder rocks! All your favorite bosses return to Arinar to test your strength. Unite against them in guilds, complete Dungeons and get an additional guild award!

It is Snorlar! 


Anyway i wonder on the "additional guild award"

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7 минут назад, coldeher сказал:

anyways, thank u for the hard work u put into coding and programming, spent hours of your time for us to enjoy. thank you reivenorik  , daria and other admins. i will enjoy the warspear's 10th birthday 🙂 





4 минуты назад, coldeher сказал:

what is the respawn time of snolar and demonologist like bosses? 

10 minutes or 24 hours?



15-20 minutes.

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