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Hello GM,

     I would like to suggest to you developers to add a Solo DG on our game even there is no event. It would be great for those players who want to spam alone and enjoy some dungeons alone. I would like to suggest to put the same drops and same gp and difficulties for each Solo DG. For example, Solo DG of Kronus, 400 gp per run without upot and same equipments received like the original dungeon. 

This might be helpful to satisfy players who are really bored without an event, this is a great suggestion, trust me. I hope you will add this to the game because this is maybe one of the best upgrade to our dungeons in-game.

Thank you GM !

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i wish they add solo dungeons. Nonetheless i believe they shouldn't be as rewarding as standard dungeons, both in terms of gp/drops, bcs otherwise i bet few ppl would be going in other dgs then.


They should be just here so one has smth to do to make a bit of gp and money, when one got 5stams and no time to find a pt.

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27 minutes ago, coldravens said:

with the castle update will be nice to add solo dungs witch drop symbols that way the guild members who own the castle can farm em when they dont want to go with  party or when there is low numbers of players online and those who dont have castle can farm em too and sell them to the castle guild.


This is a very good idea. I like it. 

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