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Suggestions on updating, patching, fixing and 7.5.0 overall (after playing with the newest version in the actual game)


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Hello. I'm Thsoulless, other known as Miro, And I'm here to talk about the latest update that we just recently got. :dancing-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:


So... I think the lack of class balancing has already been gone through in quite a few topics and conversations, so I'm not going to take that in to this post at all. But instead of doing so, I'm going to tell you, what actually made me pretty upset and confused, was the prioritizing devs had in this latest update. I'm not sure about all the bugs that different classes have at the moment, but I can at least speak for mages when it comes to skill bugs. Anyways, I'm not going to start with the bugs either.. No... I'm going to start with this new oh so wonderful button that we recently got. Yes. That tiny little thingy added next to our hotkeys. 


Ok so.. I'd honestly like to hear what on earth is the function of that tiny little piece of something that will get my topic removed before I even manage to get to the end of my sentence.. I can tell for sure, that none of my friends is using that, and neither am I. If you get used to it, and "master" it, you save max 0.5secs. And if you're in such a hurry to enter miracle shop/chat/character menu, you should probably reconsider wether you should finish the intense dg first and then say "What's up" to your lad, or do it mid dg. Anyways, now someone will say "Oh but if you use it constantly, and save 0.5 secs each time, you'll save a lot of time after 100 years of using that thing", and yes. Thats true. You'll save some time for sure, but what about those situations, where you're a little tired for example, and accidentally open up that handy cap, and fire up a character menu mid intense arena fight or something, while you have a +10 rogue on you, who is thirsty for your oh so innocent blood? What are you going to do? As a caster its pretty obvious. Mostly you'll end up dying the moment this happens. And if it somehow doesn't, you probably just missed heal on your team mate, and he died, so now you're in 2v1 vs a +10 rog and his COMPLETELY BALANCED AND FAIR friend, +10 barbarian. So basically, this little shortcut just got you killed, and theres nothing you could've done about it. :help-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:


So here we get to my first suggestion of the topic. If the shortcut mostly judt causes death, sadness, pain and depression, I'd hugely appreciate to at least get an option to take it off, or move back to the old hotkeys with just one extra slot in it (If not just completely remove that thing). 


Next up we got the bugs. I have already told to support team and @Daria about the bugs mages happen to have, and as I mentioned above, I can't really speak for any other classes since I've not really noticed anything. But the bugs themselves are not the point of this, but prioritizing updates, fixes and patches. I'd include balance patches there as well but I did say that I wouldn't talk about those in this specific topic..


So the energy regeneration bug seems to be just an accident among other bugs (obviously), and since I've tried coding myself, I can tell that its not easy, and there will always be such tiny (or not so tiny) mistakes. Thats fine, since they will always be fixed. But lets take the bugs that mage has at the moment for example. I sent the report ticket about 3 weeks ago. I got an reply saying that support team is aware of these, and they will get them fixed as soon as possible. But now we've had at least 3 server restarts, and 2 shut downs, and yet they're still not fixed. Instead of fixing the old bugs and problems, we (this wonderfult shortcut to your bag and stuff) 2 new castles, new relics, stat&guild skill patches and some HUD changes. Yeah those are cool and pretty big things I'd say. But thats the point. Leaving bugs such the ones mages have to deal with, that pretty much change the way the whole class works in any form of pvp, makes it feel like we just get new bugs and problems, before devs even manage to fix the old ones. So my suggestion would be to do small fixes like monthly (whatever gets reported), or at least include all the bug fixes in the next bigger update. That way we, players keep our motivation in playing, since we know that devs actually hear us when we need them to do such stuff for us. Thats what I hope what happens with the current bugs. Especially the energy regeneration bug. Such a bug that affects all classes and players in pretty much whatever they do will cause many player loses and hate towards the support team very quickly. And I don't think that none of us wants that. 


But now... Finally we've come to the end of my post/topic/book. Thank you if you actually made it to the end of it, and even if you didn't, I hope you at least got my points. I can see a bright future waiting for us. But nothing good can be reached without work. And thats the way we learn from our mistakes. :hate-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:


(._.)/ Peace

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So the post is too long. Maybe you dhould take away the first part where you talk about what you are not about to talk about. That part serves little purpose.


Personally, I like the new menu. Although I probably will never use it, it will save new players plenty of time.

*Cough* Dramatic much? :imdead:

Noone are about to die in the arena. You will adapt to the reposition quickly, and should soon be able to almost always tap the skill you want, with yer eyes closed n' all.


However, I do partially agree with you. I don't really like change myself, and changes like these which are near-pointless will likely annoy people a bit, even if changes must happen for improvement.

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