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Cynosure - US Saphire - New Active NA Progression Guild LFM

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Cynosure (cy·no·sure)

noun: cynosure; plural noun: cynosures
  1. a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration.
    "This guild was the cynosure in the eyes of all"


Guild Updates:

Pushing towards level 2, currently sitting at 41k+ GP. Any new members that join and stick around to gain 700+ GP I will provide boosts for, including knowledge pots and Unity pots.


Lets go!


Fresh ACTIVE progression guild, looking for new members. My timezone is North America but accepting all time zone players.


Anyone is welcome, new and old players. Looking to form a nice little active community that plays and communicates together. All levels are welcome, inactive players will be removed after two guild resets if no progression is made (some exceptions can be made for alts if discussed).


I will be donating and using mcoins as needed for guild progression as we get there, I would like to progress this guild to endgame content.


If you are interested in more info or joining the guild leave a message here or pm Mygot or Mygotx ingame.


Hope to see ya soon, happy hunting!



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