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Sergeisnp - The next Berengar


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"Here brother, take these things, as a memory about me."


I looked at Vruch.


"But thats is good stuff! +3 Twisted Baton with old Astral crystal, +5 Staff of Adept, 2 dull moon crystals and +4 Goodwearing Mantle! You gonna need them."


"No, Sergeisnp. Im going to Nadirsard to become a tradesman. I dont need weapon. And I still have my +2 Staff of Master. Bye."


Vruch walked away. He knew that what I was doing, was dangerous.


I walked to Ruins of Ancient Gates. My 5 children was waiting for me. My 5 sons, was young and goodlooking (That came from me!). My Paladin-, Mage-, Priest-, Deahtknight- and Warlockson was waiting for me. They did not have their names, but they soon gets them.


"Father, is you really going to Berengar? Do you not come back?" asked my Warlockson.


"Yes, im going to Berengar. And i will raise again, when its my time. Then i will come back, and make peace on Irselhort. But first I need to be a Legend like Berengar. But i can feel it. Arinar is beginning to change. Bye my children. Go and explore the world. I know each of you gonna make history."


The Gates opened.


"Berengar is calling."


Sergeisnp went into the ruin. His children could fell that. The could feel the beginning of something big.


They could fell the beginning of...




The Era of Sergeisnp

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so wat item u drop sergi :P


Repair scrolls

Fury horn

Etheral dust

Damage sphere ll

+3 to +5 staffs

+3 to +4 swords

Crit pots



+0 to +6 equipment (Most +4)

Dull crystals

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They could fell the beginning of...




The Era of Sergeisnp


You need 50k mcoins for that, sergei :tease:

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