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Why increase weapon's npc price?


Well bcs it seems there is way too much of some types of weapons compared with the number of players who might buy them. Hence prices are dropping very fast and dungeons appear not to be worth the seekers. Since it is the main way to get money for many people, i believe it doesn't help players to stay in the game.


What i suggest is to rise weapons'prices to like 500gold*item lvl for purple ones and 250/300*lvl for blue ones. This way if u drop the 20th 2h spring axe of the server but no seeker is willing to buy it, u won't get pissed off trying to sell it before prices drop or selling it for peanuts.

This way we would be going in dg thinking that in the worst case at least we could get our money back, since catas price would rise too (ofc craft weapons prices should still be lower than the price of the licenses used to craft it)

And rare weapons will still stay expensive. +it would bring more gold in the game, and basically the more u play the more u get, quite safely. And more money= more amp.


Same thing could be done with armors and relics (#relic that regenerates a bit of mana when killing an ennemy).

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I was thinking it could also make some ppl stay to intermediate lvls, cuz for instance nobody stays lvl 16 or 24 (except lab wardens) cuz nobody gonna buy ur drops. If u could still make money (ofc by much less than at top lvl) by staying at an intermediate lvl, maybe if there is a good skill combo and good gears at this lvl players would consider staying there with one of their chars.


I don't mind lvl gaps too much, still they can be annoying in several ways:

lvling up: u don't find anybody to help u. Indeed with lvl 13 and 20 farmers u can get help to kill bosses. But to go t1/t2 dgs u can get easily bored trying to find a pt, since nobody cares about them (I hate so much to shout in wc to find a pt that i soloed t1 dg wasting pots and stam...)

arena: at those lvl there's pretty much only people trying to get rank left. I never ask arena at thoses cuz i know if i ever find an opponent i'll get rekt. Unlike at lvl 13/20/28 where i have hope to find random players who use pve items :D

And well, just the feeling to be so alone...

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That's... actually a great idea. Getting a very unpopular purple class weapon (Best example would be 1h sword or 2handed axe or something) could be sold to an npc for actually decent price. It's really an annoying feeling when you get a weapon, then check that it's for sale for 4k at a local dealer, and npc greedy merchant barely pays 1k for it. Yeah, something should be done about that

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