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id hacked frm 5 dayz and still no reply frm supports


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My id was hacked since 5 dayz and its sold to another player

Is it a fair thing i worked so hard behind my char and support dint bother to see wats going on

It wont b gud if i dont get my id bak i invested 100000 mc behind my char and its sold by someone in just 5000 mc

Either delete my char fizaa or return it bak

Fizaa eu emerald

I want answer kuz

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I hv written atleast 6 posts to supports yet no reply so i hav to add on forum

Mioco see my posts its frm the first date

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This is pathetic man, now anyone can hack anybody's char? :facepalm: you put all the time n money behind a char for what? getting hacked 1 day?who would like to continue with such a stupid game then? something seriously needs to be done in this area. Return Fizaa's char to him, n make sure nothing is stolen or deleted. its you responsibility kuz

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Im sooo sorry fizaa, Sink just told me what happened to you... Damn you low life people leave the honest old school players alone! I get it how ppl get scammed/banned sharing their IDs and passwords thinking someones going to sell them cheap mcoins (personally anyone uttering the word mcoins to me in chat that I dont know, I ignore list)... But this should NOT happen... Just leveling a char to lv20 takes a couple of months (for me it was 6-8mo) excpecially us that have jobs/obligations/children/family. And now with amp system people have alot of mcoins/real money invested in their accounts. You know devs, im one of the FEW ppl not minding the amp system (cause I know its common in f2p games) but if ppl invests in your service you need to garantuee us solid protection and costumer service if something goes wrong.


please help fizaa, hes a good person.

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