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lucky draw aye!!!!


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Dear Dev, I know, you know, everyone knows that its real hard to earn gold in this game. What if I say we can make us all wrong and make life a bit easier for someone, one at a time? What if we start a lucky draw in the game aye? Every week those who are interested bet 1k gold for a lucky draw and during weekends result are declared and prizes are shared? Real think about it, this will really help newbies or poor guy like me, and ofc including rich kids too. What you say Dev? Help Warpsear a little more fun to play aye?:hmm:

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20 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

Its gambling 


Since ws is supposed to be kids game i dont see why would devs do that


You can alway help someone for money

This game is already about gambling hundreds of $ to get superior stuff.


If someday devs add a lottery, it will be using tickets from mc shop (and sometimes/rarely looted from dongeon/bosses), with fixed prizes.


But you can make your own lucky draw with your own relatives if you're well trusted, using a random number generators.

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