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Hi, US Sapphire my guild NEEDS members msg my char in game. Rewards for high gp etc. Lvl 2 guild waiting on active and fullfilling players to lvl up guild, easy to sell, easy to trade items, storage is big, resource etc. Dg spammers and farmers mostly.

Msg. hybridtype/demendal/corbinn 

Live 24/7 zzzz need sleep, were still crafting.


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Devs... Is this fair i have to argue with a player about thee guild i purchased.

There is no reimbursement, its black and white with this inactive leader guild rule. 

Its currupt. I have to watch THE guild i created walking around in game i no longer own. 



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Ehh, you'll just have to live with it ig. It is the fairest way really. Next time you are going inactive I suppose you will have to organise with somebody you trust, that you'll make them the leader temporarily so it doesn't get passed to another.


And also you needa look at things from the alternate perspective. If I just bought that guild there is no way I am giving it up freely to some ex-leader without compensation.


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On 3/14/2018 at 7:44 AM, Missprite said:

whats your guild name ?

CRAFTER guild maybe. I don't know I'm jut guessing lol


self talk: why the heck did i replied??? :pheew-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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