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[2018.02.28] Update 7.4: Battle of Kings. Preview.

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Warriors of Arinar!
The spring has begun and it means that is time to announce
Honoring of the Spring King - the sunniest holiday of the year! Blissful Island will be meeting guests next week, along with holiday quests, dynamic events, dangerous bosses, new skills and achievements, unique rewards, treasure chests and much more!


gen1.png  gen2.png  gen3.png


As soon as Spring King got enough courage and proposed to his long time beloved Wickedora, everything got messed up. In the fervor of wedding preparations the King of Clubs appeared on the Blissful Island. Card monarch requested and immediate break off engagement and  call off the wedding. Spring King flatly refused this impudent suggestion and called his subjects to arms. Situation has reached the rock bottom! Blissful Island is in desperate need for a hero which can upper hand the King of Clubs and bring peace to the kingdom.

Holiday quests


quest1.png  quest2.png  quest3.png


Completing holiday quests is the best way to have fun especially as they will reveal the mystery of what is going on the Blissful Island. Find out which powerful enemy stands behind the plot to break off the wedding of Spring King and Wickedora and turn Blissful Island into a battlefield!
There are also plenty of daily quests that will help breaking the routine and promise some great rewards. It is never enough for free bag space!


Holiday skills


Only for the Holiday period all warriors of Arinar will get two additional skills that will help them defeating King of Clubs: a minion that heals and empower its master and weakens his enemies and a spell that deals magical damage to one or few enemies.

Solo dungeons


dun1.png  dun2.png  dun3.png


Six solo dungeons of the Blissful Isle are getting ready to meet the bravest and strongest warriors that are used to counting only on themselves!


There is no time limit in these dungeons, so no need to rush completing them, but also there are no friends that can cover your back, so remember that haste makes waste.


Requirements for getting a reward: recommended level + 1 (or lower).


Wedding rumble


dynamic1.png  dynamic2.png  dynamic3.png


Event, that has already become a tradition consists of six stages completing of which will tangle plans of mischievous King of Clubs and his servants. Defend the honour of the Spring King, don’t let his wedding plans fail and defeat his mighty generals. The most exuberant and luxurious wedding that Arinar has ever seen must happen by any cost.


King of Clubs




King of Clubs is sitting in the Throne room of his citadel but don’t let him avoid his judgement!  Gather your Guilds against him and then you will not only exile him from the island, but will also receive additional guild’s reward!


Guild event is being activated by completing holiday Dungeons, so don’t hesitate to do so.

Holiday achievements


Only for the holiday period the game will feature 12 new collectible achievements. Get them all and it will bring you an additional reward.


This is it for now, more information about this holiday - at the day of release!


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2 minutes ago, Hapimonas said:

You always know how to cheer people up, dont you.


The most secretive wedding ceremony on warspear. Does it mean that we will have lots of love this spring? :blush:


not from mii. You'll have some love from.... uhhh.... ammm..... idk.


but not from mii! HAH :christmasgrinch:

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17 minutes ago, Dispense said:

My Favorite Event Of The Year..

Dont Have To Drag People Through DG, Beautiful:restingowl:

If those dgs just are possible, i still remember one time when that dg was almost impossible unless you had closer to 5k def

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