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[2018.02.22] Winners of Best Costume Contest 2018

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Good day, warriors!


We are ready to announce the results of our contest. This competition's turned out to be really epic: we've received plenty of different costumes with descriptions! And finally here are the winners.


1st place, precious 10 000 Miracle coins and eternal glory go to Raezer and Night Crow  Night Crow (1).pngWe will add this costume to the game and present it to the winner! 


2nd place and 7 000 Miracle coins go to QueenBi and Garaan's Wrath Garaan's Wrath.png

3rd place and 5 000 Miracle coins go to EpikDen and Prophet of Moon Prophet of Moon.png


The winner of Audience Choice Award who receives 3 500 Miracle coins, according to the voting on our Facebook page, is Kiisha with Guardian Fairy Guardian Fairy.png


Special encouraging prizes, 1 000 Miracle coins, go to the next costumes:

  • Reconstructed Deer by Ninja Owl Reconstructed Deer.png
  • Infected Mushroom by Helvetti Infected Mushroom.png
  • Little Bee Sweet by Ana karoline Little Bee Sweet.png
  • Crimson Suit by Chakin Crimson Suit.jpg
  • Technopolis Angel by fodafodbr Tecnópolis Angel.PNG


Thank you for participating! Don't be upset if you lost this time: stay tuned to our new contests to take part in them and become the best!


For winners: please, send me (Daria) a personal message to get prizes.
Thanks to everyone for the great work!



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On 2/22/2018 at 8:10 PM, Daria said:

For winners: please, send me (Daria) a personal message to get prizes.


im sorry but l messaged Daria 2x and hasn't got my mcoin :(

it's not that im impatient but arena ticket sale is going to be over :( can i please have a reply? i kinda need the prize

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