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Ancient Guardian of the God's Grove


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The battle of the two Gods, Harad and Nuadu against the demons of Garaan caused great destruction upon the world of Arinar. Afterwards the creation of Sentinels, the two gods decided to create a chosen guardian who will solely protect the Spear. From the fusion of their powers' capacity, the guardian was born from the depths of the night and from the brightest daylight. Powerful, irrevocable, and righteous, the guardian guarded the God's Grove throughout the years.


The two Gods took a small portion from the sun and the moon to make a legendary gear. Golden chromium for the circlet that radiates light from the sun itself and Sapphire titanium was for the armor that illuminates the bearer's body and soul. This gear was bestowed to the guardian.


When the Forsaken army charged forth to the spear's base, he defended along with sentinels and fight against the undead. But in a blink, he saw it with his very own sight, Garaan took the spear and he felt the darkness swept over his soul and he got crippled.


He saw it, a moment before it happened, before the spear broke.


So with all his might, he divided his powers and strength to his armor hoping to save his oath to protect the spear which he had failed to do. He will save Arinar therefore from destruction.


The spear was destroyed and so was he.


But lo and behold, his protectorate of divine power shall be embodied by the one who is fated. He is the champion of the legendary armor itself. The Armor hasn't found the one yet.


Is it you?












choice24-2 copy.png

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9 hours ago, AnreeNeo said:

interesting to see other colors, the original must be preserved)

thanks but i made it based on my description. i appreciate your opinion tho. thanks :)

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