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Hi all ! story from: Bismiroxx :floating-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:                                                       SO Yes weak English  :fuck_that:


Fallen heartless lord is born in chosen as human 600years ago he is born ugly no body like him everybody treat him like animal including his family so he run away to forest when he 7:ping4: old  in forest he met  lady. the lady is the queen of elm that time  this queen cant have child because something wrong :pigface:so she took this kid for  kingdom and gave name as roxx:too_much_cuteness:after elm die  clan need new king so queen decide to make roxx king :cat5: after some years roxx became most strongest warrior of clan too.he mastered all  profession skilled warrior  and genius. after elm queen died(i mean roxx step mom). new enemy rises in own clan n start war against king roxx they killed roxx friends supporters they start war because roxx is human. :panda7: after roxx tired of war n cant watch his supporters getting killed he left the clan n ran away too far north after 7days walk he found a another forest magic  he start to live there. one day he heard female voice like help help!:cry1:  so he went to see :cereal_man: he saw girl surrounded by wolves  pack roxx helped girl n killed wolfs after that he realize that girl is forsaken female  after that both of them  became friends :laughingowl: but forsaken female didn't see roxx as a friend she start love roxx meet roxx everyday  so roxx too start love forsaken lady  after some months roxx found out this forsaken lady is the princess of forsaken after that forsaken princess come to forest with roxx  they both lived happily for some month's princess got pregnant forsaken king found out about  his daughter n roxx he order his royal army to kill all roxx n daughter.  they stab roxx behind back beat him brutally n left die  and killed princess n unborn baby n burn they living place to ashes... when roxx  dying  some evil angel came n help him  to survive he in shock he turn to be cruel  and he dark magic n mastered it :like_a_sir1:

and now he looking for revenge  who killed his love n his blood  he start train evil clan warriors they start call roxx as a heartless lord  roxx start build armor  for himself  he conquered many random kings n leaders n build his armor with they knowledge power n magic  after that he march his army to the forsaken kingdom and start kill every forsaken and successfully killed forsaken king by his evil powers but after the revenge he is not get clam his mind :diablo:he left  his army n walk away to somewhere in deep forest in ayyondi after he killed king of forsaken...:unsure:. roxx army got  defeated  after no leader in the war  there is no info about heartless lord some people said he lived after war in ayyondi deep forest....some people said he died war some people said he killed by evil angel clan from that time heartless lord n his powerful armor is missing ............................:clapping:5a857e4069f82_Fallendarklord-Copy(2)new2.png.19dbf99adb00ff3b9824eb714974fb45.png




The head is open can use any hair & hair colour black sunglass for sun burn

armor is build by human bones n dark spell n eye of guardian of hell enchanted to armor middle armor is contain metal human bones lizard skin

boot is stolen from forsaken king his daughter gifted it to roxx he just re decorate n rebuild it with viper skin n inside of boot is fully with goat skin and roxx found the belt in mystical island unknown strong magician warrior after he defeat warrior he took it n used.

Cloak is created by pixels  queen wings n dragon wings  for strong n flexibility cloak and its hold symbol of god of hell

Glove is created used skin of dragon n iron n  gems with evil spell 5a857e4069f82_Fallendarklord-Copy(2)new2.png.19dbf99adb00ff3b9824eb714974fb45.pngthis pic for contest <<< this for show off >>5a857e4069f82_Fallendarklord-Copy(2)new2.png.19dbf99adb00ff3b9824eb714974fb45.png

    specialty of my costume can use any barber set n hair color  imaging my costume with hair omg and different color its best of rest


Edited by rox bismi
my full of costume wrong size not pixels size so here it is blah blah ...
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