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A long time ago a child was born were the HUMAN, ELF, ORC, and even the UNDEAD they were fighting for their own live.

When the day come to end of the war the no one know who win   

A good blooded Blacksmith ORC found a child the First born with the blood of the ELF AND HUMAN.  The ORC raise the child to be blacksmith and a strong warrior were they fought for survival …   the young child grow up making it own weapon armory ORC teach him well.

He made his own equipment a good one.   With silver plated, light blue cape and Violet of dead armor.  And helm of two eye. but he want more power.   He journey to unknown word. Finding a stone of energy for him to amplify that to his equipment he had many relics, potion.  To make the strongest of itself.   When he never know that all what he put in his armor are acquiring. his body Changing him to be evil he is know. Hungry for blood killing anyone.  Winning a war He becomes immortal.  Legendary Lord (VORG)


But a after a hundred year he has been captured by the group name the keeper . A group of A HUMAN, ELF, ORC, and Even UNDEAD to stop the suffering of their very own world. Stop the madness, wars ..     

They seal him in unknown island that no can reach..  


But his Equipment was separate from him.  They seal his equipment in a cave of the strongest dungeon that only the strongest survive.

Story of the WARLORD. The Legendary lord  ( VORG ) 5a80e3eb7ff4c_louiewarspear.png.7b10aaa026120fca66dc91781bd4188a.png





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