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Hi everyone! 


So I just have finished my skin - Prophet of Moon.


Gender - male.

Race - Garou Anzu-ihri Werewolves.

It is said that Moon is their 'religious' symbol. So I decided to make something relating to it. That's how the concept of 'Prophet of Moon' crossed my mind.



A werewolf wearing a cloak, a hood and blue metal plate chest-armor. Also, there is red gem details on hood, hands and on belt. Bellow the middle red gem (bellow waist) the Prophet wears a blue skirt-type pants (like nomads used to wear (in real world)). In addition to the 'skirt', werewolf has a wide piece of blue cloth with ornament stretching down from belt to lower part of the skirt (between legs). He doesn't wear gloves or footwear so you can see his bare hands and foot. However, there is a few bandages around his ankles and red bands on wrists. On shoulders - dark blue metal plate figures with cyan gems on top of them (representing moonlight). The cloak and the hood are in white and blueish shades. (Perhaps a Garou or Moon symbol could be added to the cloak).

The eyes are green. (Since this werewolf is a prophet, it is safe to say that he handles powers of the Moon which have dyed his eyes in glowing-green color.)


Everything was made by me (except werewolf's face, I had to copy it from the game :(, but I changed few details) using GIMP and a screenshot from avatar select screen from the game (was used for proportions and sizes).


Here is a 3 to 1 scale 5a7edd1eb7808_ProphetofMoon3perspectives1to3.png.a3e69f114edcd31d776e794dc3f271d2.png



Here is a  24 x 36 pixels size  5a7de7954055f_ProphetofMoon-1x1pixels.png.4894400a6883decb1cb345fe1ab13986.png     5a7edd23eb326_ProphetofMoon3perspectives.png.669bdacd991713f476062129d49197a1.png


Here is the original size I made 5a7df47422973_ProphetofMoon.png.161f1153db79d0c4b73bdf657bd56932.png


Thanx for reviewing!

Good luck to others ;)




--Edit: Added side, back, 3 perspective view.


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24 minutes ago, duoduo said:

This dress looks good!:smile:


Thank you!


Also by saying dress do you mean the clothes (hood, cape, armor)? (If so, I agree that this is not the best werewolf out there :D )

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