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[2018.02.08] Carnival in Arinar! Join the celebration!

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Mighty warriors!


Carnival, the epic event taking place on Irselnort, returns to Arinar! Everyone who helps them with the preparations will receive excellent prizes: completely new colourful costumes and decorative skins, hairstyles, smileys, relics, piles of gold and much more!


An unusual tradition of celebrating the end of winter with the big Carnival was highly appreciated by all warriors. In every corner of Arinar you can now hear the talks about exotic food, bright fireworks, fancy masks and feather costumes. Time to go to Irselnort to participate in one of the most remarkable events of the last years. See you there!


The main event of the holiday is a massive dynamic battle. For every successfully completed stage you will get a precious chest. Each of these six chests may contain a unique carnival hairstyle and a rare smiley, as well as: common empowering relics, unique minions, elixirs, potions and precious bars!


The brave warriors who succeed in defeating the King Momo’s Double and receive the most precious chest will have a chance to test their luck and get an incredible King Momo costume!


The reward will be given to any player starting from level 5 who had been present on the location for at least 30 seconds before the stage was successfully completed. To be able to get a reward for the final stage, you also need complete the previous one.


Only during the holiday the Miracle Shop will be featuring unique costumes of Cangaceiro, Shaman and other participants of the Carnival, as well as colorful decorative skins of Carvinal Madness!


Carnival starts: 08.02 12:00 CET
Carnival ends: 14.02 13:00 CET

See you in the game!

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1 hour ago, Ubaidlee said:

How much time will take for event start again after once ended


3 hours, as Higgings has said. :)


2 minutes ago, ELASIRI said:

Momo costume is the same as last year ? And when is lv30 coming ? Before spring or after ?


Yep, the costume is the same.

Lvl 30 is definitely not coming before the spring.

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Cracks me up, Thanks for the Return but after this dear god never put out again lmao. Its a fun Querky sort of thing but honestly have it be a one and done.. not uh... 2? And also u should change stats of current spring weaps to Purple thereby increasing there dmg from a 19 to 20 weapon and so forth. Oh. And dont release the same weapons again please last years were so cancerous no one wanted them i ended up buying a ton for looks for 5k a pc

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