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A long time ago, Acorn was living in Melvendil with his big brother. One day his brother was chosen as the Mayor of Ilhor the capital of Melvendil. He had no time for his little borther anymore. Acorn became jealous as his brother was always busy with keeping the island in order and had no time to play with anymore. He became bitter. One day he felt like no one needed him anymore and decided to move to another Island. He remembered that when he was very young, his grandmother had told a story about an island where everyone were friends together and no one was left alone. He went to the harbour, took his little vessel and started the journey. Not too long after leaving the harbour, huge storm appeared out of nowhere. His small vessel broke and he couldn't steer it anymore. He was adrift at sea all by himself. He went to sleep. When he woke the next day he realized he was on the shore of an unknown isle. There were trees and flowers anywhere he laid his eyes on. Everything was beautiful, he was sure that this was the island his grandmother had told about. And it was, the Blissful Isle. 


The costume is made from the finest fur from chimpunks that live in Melvendil.

squirrel2xtransparent.pngsquirrel back.png


Zurp - Eu Emerald


squirrel transparent.png




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