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Norlant Diving Gear


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My in game name is Yalibe (same as the forum name) server BR-Tourmaline

Here is the sprite i made for the costume contest, and all details about it :




Norlant Diving Gear


Sprite Art:




This diving dress is made with different materials. The helmet is made with copper and have openings for watching outside while the rest is made with leather cloth and grease for waterproofing.



The Norlant Diving Gear were developed by a mysterious engineer and it was made to explore Norlant's cluster of islands underwater. Many of the manufactured gears were destroyed by the attack of savage creatures and today there are only a few gears remaining and the Chainless League keep them secretly hidden somewhere at Zeneth Haf.


How to acquire:

The costume would be obtainable by completing missions in the Swamps of Norlant with the same drop rate as Set Items, and to 

make it easier to get i suggest the parameter "Equipping" so you can trade with other players.





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fixed image
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