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savedata.png-1.png.c6e3eeee622a92aeb7af578a6061adad.png                                                                                                                                                                   Hi its my first time to present my work :sadowl:

 So I made azrael which the costume colored black with something gray combination lol... Head is consist of combining little dark color ..lol my english dilevery is bad sorry ..

  Azrael has scythe in his back which he use to get a soul for those who is ready for death ...

  He is a servant of God which obey the command of the God.. He is known Angel Azrael in Hebrew.. 


That's all and I believe this would be nice costume in aigrind one day if this would be participated in contest :christmassanta: 



Up to you GM if you make the head steady on it or use the costume only without the head if this gonna win..lol hope so ...thanks all that's all


-Blckwizard/Artemissss here from EU-Emerald:christmaskiss:

Edited by Exodus
Coz I putted the letters top in costume
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