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Vladeath Ssjstain 2 Vs 2 Roid Elasiribd


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Nub vla... ranger + BD not really good team on 2v2 but i dont care since ela is my friend and we arena for fun.

We knew you were going to post like a kid as always you do when win and we didnt care about stop, but you know what happens if i have any other class as partner :) you even pm me crying about blocking you lol (worst thing is that we stopped block for your achievment or the duck you wanted do :facepalm:)


korudo and me have 0 arena rewards unlike you and your partners (some even had full rewards set lol) 














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6 minutes ago, vla-wot said:

This before weeks barb my skill full pve hard pvp, me skill pvp now u roid and korudo come pvp now :fuck_that:

You always have to make an excuse if losing:spiderpman1: I understand is hard to accept lose vs weaksauces elves without arena rewards :spiderpman1: sure when he logs ill pm you 

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On 21/1/2018 at 5:38 PM, Omercix said:

Hahaha noob roid :pigface: You cant use "crossing" in arena , ha :restingowl:


Lmao you actually also came my profile to insult me, love the salt. Yea im a noob, this was my weaksauce 2v2 ratio last season




and as you see on video im not stopping demanding when im losing or crying for being ''blocked'' like vla, or keep begging arena to full rewards people then discarding them like mucus scarf after losing to find another daddy that carry it



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