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[2018.01.15] Events in Arinar: January, 15-21


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Hey there, warriors!


The snow keeps falling over the Snow Boundary, rides are working without a break, and vendors are hardly managing to replenish their goods in time - the celebration of the World Creation day continues! Another weekly event "Seekers of the Snow Boundary - Guard of Everlasting Winter" and the third weekly ratings tournament of the holiday are starting today. Don't miss them!


- a unique Guard of Everlasting Winter costume is added to all holiday Dungeons, only for this week!
- 20 winners of the weekly ratings tournament in categories "Good luck tokens", "Guild points" ans "Completed dungeons" will get great rewards:
- 1st place: Guard of Everlasting Winter costume and 100 Caches of the Ice Kingdom
- 2nd place: 75 Caches of the Ice Kingdom
- 3rd place: 50 Caches of the Ice Kingdom
- 4-10th places: 20 Caches of the Ice Kingdom
- 11-20th places: 10 Caches of the Ice Kingdom


The deals start on 14.01 at 23:00 CET and will last till 21.01 23:00 CET.


Good luck to all of you!

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10 minutes ago, Pecleb said:

that moment u understand why the costumes are named patrol/warrior/guard of Everlasting winter


Everlasting,just like this event

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12 minutes ago, Omercix said:

@Daria This bot was spamming this message last day, maybe you find this interesting:suspiciousowl:Screenshot_2018-01-18-11-05-19.png


I have reported such player already; we have a dedicated topic in the Support Section*. Unfortunatly, no answers were given so far. I guess we need to be more patient. :search:



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