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Insane 2v2 action: US-Sapphire ownage pt 1

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By the way, Im looking for arena partner to spam 2v2. Any descent player who wants to have fun blocking people who think they are entitled to win by spamming loser pt. Send PM on forum or in game. If you play regularly we can even win arena season, I can beat anyone as you can see in the video, just need someone willing to spam.

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Timestamps (so you can jump right into the battle you want to see)


Adiana, xShamyy: 12:04 / 18:36 / 19:55 / 21:32

Buuuu, Sabee: 16:51

Mochiefa, Unext: 0:00 / 4:30 / 5:29 / 6:15

Mochiefa, Kingericc: 0:50 / 1:45 / 2:51 / 3:35 / 9:29

Onebow, Gorehead: 7:14

Adiana, Saraxx: 10:23 / 11:19

Ikanuzzz, Wapinn: 13:15

Mochiefa, Onebow: 14:01 / 15:25 / 20:59

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9 minutes ago, Gladiator said:

Pretty much shows what you need to get arena rewards.. Lots of skill!

Btw can you next time upload losses if there is any? I wanna see how it is even possible.


Sorry I need to look cool on my videos so I can't upload losses :rolleyes:

But of course I lose sometimes.

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