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[2018.01.11] Results


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Dear players! :christmashello:


It's time to announce the results of the "Greeting card - 2018" contest. We sincerely thank every participant for these magnificent works that really helped to create an unforgettable holiday atmosphere!


So, the five winners who get 50 Ice Kingdom Stashes, Polar Barber's Kit and Keeper of World Creation Smileys are:

1. Bained, US-Sapphire

2. Ninjaowl, Br-Tourmaline

3. Nadiegol, Eu-Emerald

4. Raezer, Eu-Emerald

5. Danfake, Br-Tourmaline


Moreover, the authors of three more works who get a pack of Ice Kingdom Stashes each are:

- Tatelan, Eu-Emerald

- Magnifica, Br-Tourmaline

- Ritaev, Eu-Emerald


The prizes have already been added to your bags. Thanks again and start preparing ideas for the next contests!

Good luck to all of you!



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22 hours ago, Carpetlick said:

Do the contest again, thee winners may have used steroids, unfair!

I would very much like to read the text of your card, but I simply couldn't take the words out. Wouldn't you maybe publish it here? :D

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