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Hello everyone, I need your suggestions about a Hunter build for skills. Currently I´m lv18 and my skills are:


Shot 3/5

Stun 5/5

Poison 1/5

Dodge 1/5

Combat Stance 5/5


My question is, which expert skill should a hunter buy 1st? And so until level 26. Also which ones are recommended to level up, and I know it will depend on your gameplay style: PVE or PVP. Thanks in advanced!

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6 minutes ago, hornig said:

Because stun is a must to be maxed :P what else would you level instead


It is a must if you base your char to PvP. Otherwise, make stance to its max level. 


Since you did it already, consider to make shot to 5/5. Adding then a Relic of Indomitable Blow (+20% critical hit) might result in a very nice ammount of dmg.

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3 hours ago, Omercix said:

Combat stance always has to maximized , more dmg and crit always better. Just buy a relic for that skill.


The build he made can work too. For example, if a Hunter has already a very high critical hit (which nowadays it's not that hard), you can spend those points somewhere else. Like stun or dodge. But more stun, if you are a PvP player. 

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For pve, fathfinder arrow not worthy the skill points. My opinion.

Pve build: fatal 5/5 combat 5/5 stun 3/3 att speed 4/4 hunter mask 4/4


If u want to upgrade pathfinder arrow. Better use the skill pts on explosive arrow. My opinion.

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