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Warden or Blade Dancer


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Hello there and Welcome to Warspear Online! :hi:


So, among Warden and Bladedancer, a character which can be definitly good for both PvP and PvE is the Bladedancer. Wardens are more made for pure PvE, and in fact, their defence is incredibly strong, and are able to tank many mobs at once, without suffering too much.


Bladedancers, instead, can reach good statistics as well as an high ammount of damage even without maxing* weapons. They are quite expensive to make, though, because their armors require to be amped to a decent level, since they lack of a shield, to reach a decent ammount, and have got 2 weapons as well.

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Warden is useless in PvE, as strong as it might seem, it deals so little damage that it is not worth it. And all bosses (except Elm) and dungeons that exist in the game could be done without a healer, maybe 1 for Engineer. Warden can be taken to dungs only if there are no healers and the party isn't that strong, otherwise all dungeons don't need either healers or Wardens. It kinda sucks, because they deal so low damage > not preferred when there are BDs or Palas.

And in Arena, it is nothing more than a sponge that deals almost no damage and has almost no control, could be ignored and kited while killing teammates, doesn't really fulfill the strong tank role, that's expected to be.


So BD.

Meanwhile devs need to do some fixes on Warden and make it important to have in the party.

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