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Please Banned This Account


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Yesterday i want buy longbow to ID blazeeer and i offer with 780 miracle coin.after i already top up her account,he gone and dont give that longbow.please banned him GM.please  name BLAZEEER  server EU-EMERALD  clan FIRST BORN

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actually cybercrime, instead of getting angry to someone that comment on your thread, it would be better if you follow Coolstallone suggestion by reporting that scammer to support. give a lot of detail about what happen that time. dont miss every single bit of it so the support can act faster to follow up your report.



Contact this >>>> Support


and stop writing such a nonsense about your own religion in the future!!  :aggressive:



since this is an international forum and not religion forum, i wont talk too much about it.



just think, write and act wisely from this moment so the same case wont happen again in the future, okay?



cheers  :give_rose:

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