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inform all players who want to play charmer with mobile phone

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don't play this damn class, unless u want to get ur wrist broken.

Charmer make main damage by expert skill "knowledge", this damn expert skill need u keep casting ur skills all the time, that mean u got to keep casting all skills u got to active knowledge, I mean it, ALL SKILLS U GOT, u can't stop casting because the expert skill knowledge need it, just imagine that, every skill u got is useful need to be casted, no doubt. And many skills need to press twice bcz u need to select target(include urself), after that u need to select enemy again bcz active auto physical attack, for example if u heal urself or call bird or dog or cast AOE fire skill or darkness, after that u need to select enemy again, otherwise u will lose target just standing there.

Charmer got very complex operation.

the result is ur wrist will get hurt, and u will feel damn tired.

I am so regret to play Charmer, but I can't stop because I already maxed my extra bag and market slot, and all money gone for Charmer!

damn it, my fingers and wrist just hurt:cat3:

PS: better way is play it with computer, but it's a mobile game, yeah?

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15 minutes ago, Ghostv said:

LOL, they better give one of these in the Charmer's novice kit or people will get Carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Playing Charmer got to be use computer.

It's disaster to play charmer with mobile phone.


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