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Buff flurry of steel

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Skill Flurry of steel:

you are able to throw a knife at the enemy which deals some physical damage.

Range: 5


This skill looks good with its CD and being able to throw knife is really cool. The problem is that this skill is quite simple n doesnt deal much damage, if there is a choice, people will choose Ricochet rather than choose this skill, because Recochet deals better damage n works well with steal health parameter. Therefore, i have 3 ideas to improve Flurry of steel:

1) Throw a knife that deals some physical damage n the target recieve a debuff that lowers their healing effects by 10/15/20/25% for some time(including health regen, normal healing, steal health. Not including increased health effects like Relic of inprecendented health or Shaman expert skill), use this skill against a debuffed target deal decreased critical damage of the skill 140/160/180/200%(per lvl of the skill)

The good thing is that any rogue can do critical damage on the debuffed target by throwing knifes, but they wont be able to use Stealth as long as the debuff exists.

2) By using the skill the characters get a buff for some time, after two buffs are applied the skill CD n energy expense is reduced by 50% for 7/9/11/13s, also restore some health for the character for each knife throwed during this time.

3) the character gain increased attack range, attack speed n damage for some time, they lose ability to use melee attack(including melee skills), each melee attack is replaced by throwing a knife to the enemy.


That are my ideas to make Flurry of steel better.


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On 30.11.2017 at 1:09 PM, Higgings said:

i may not remember well, but once this skill allowed you to throw the knife without losing the stealth mode. Perhaps buffing its damage and making it throwable without losing invisibility may result as players using it again :pin1:

Stealth 5/5 + 40% longer effect and max CD lets bombard them bds while beign invisible am i right 


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