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Skill setup for lvl 6 arena

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hey guys, i just made bd awhile ago, and planning to stay at lvl 6 and do arena  ;)


and i just wanna ask, what the best skill setup to do arena lvl 4-6?


feel free to give ur opinion, and thanks in advance  :drinks:


PS: i think of Flash strike 3 and sap 2, is  it good?  :)

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ehhh i'd say or 2 scattershot and 3 powershot or 3 scattershot and 2 powershot

or go for 2 trap 2 scatter and 2 powershot(this only if u are a good kiter) :)

i wouldnt go for blessing cuz tht consumes to much mana and on lvl 6 u dont hve enough mana regen to decently use other skills

ok crush, thx for the opinion  :friends:


np :drinks: hope it helped a bit
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