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When buy Arena weapon


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I wonder if the item is to the arena not turn personal.

type, if I buy a staff with a blade the item will remain personal?

I doubt this and wanted me not regret buying and ultimately happen to turn personal. :unknw:

because I think if the item does not fit the character that logically can not become personal it should become "equiping" at be purchased. :(


if you have no way, I suggest you do as I speak. I'm not saying I have better ideas than anyone and I am not correcting. I think just giving opinions. :)


hug to all guys who play Warspear


Yorae FB level 16 / Furisgardos FB level 10

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hmm im not sure what your question is, if it is a question. but correct me if im wrong. u are asking if arena  items become personal once u buy them with your arena points right? if so then YES they become personal. if that is not your question then maybe u can rephrase it...

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I think he mean if you buy the wrong class item by mistake.

eg. A druid buying a sword will that be personal,

i guess yes  :facepalm:

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yep if a class buy wrong item it become personal too?

type: Druid buy Sword / ranger buy Staff / Blade buy bow

If not, we can sell arena items

just buy the item wrong and sell  ;D

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arena weapons have the status "receiving" which means that it turns personal once you get it,even if you cant use it

i remember that i bought accidently the wrong weapon after days of arena :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: sold to shop for 500 golds :facepalm:

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wow too bad perhaps  :mega_shok:

So said it becomes personal....

affs why? :cray:

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