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Stun Crystal Enchantment on Boots


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so since the Halloween 2017 Update (I believe), you are able to put a Stun Enchantment onto your characters' boots. I've put one on my barbs' boots and it was 5.4% on level 23 boots. This was quite high so I have tried the same on Shaman boots, surprisingly it only gave the (level 22) boots a stun percentage of 2.7%. This is also the case with Rogue/Hunter/Ranger/Seeker Boots. So the only exception are Tanks boots. Now my question is why is that? I haven't found any information about that in the forum posts nor any rational explanation. Is this a bug or is there any reason behind this? I've attached Screenshots.

Thanks in advance, Nut.






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That's a nice question actually. It seems there is a % difference accordingly to the type of equipment the Stun Crystal is put on ( heavy / cloth / lightweight )


But why, following this logic, a tank must have more chances to stun than a caster? Why not the same chance for every char? :suspiciousowl:

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I was quite surprised with the 5.4% stun on my boots (tank). Not that it's bad for me, but it's a bit much, isn't it?

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35 minutes ago, nabnecro said:

It does look like a bug to me. 

Yeah. The question is: what is the bug? The 5% on heavy gear or the lower on the others?

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In most games range have less chance to stun or have reduced stun duration so i thing its for balance 

I dunno why they reduce it on light equips but they must have an explanation for that

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yeah and what's balance it pve(?)(no need balance on pve, yeah cos we all fight vs mobs n bosses xD) , also who the fek uses stun on pvp if they need CD for perma stun, not stun crystals, just make it same 5% for all xD

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