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List of annoying idiots

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57 minutes ago, Mercurry said:

I mean hes lvl 26, why isnt he at Ayvondil farming better things

Because Ayvondil minibosses take a lot more effort to defeat, and these animations at Hydra's Spirit are still the best and most efficient to farm.

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notice u haven't screen shot all the nasty insults u were saying the other day to provoke it eh? nice one for you!

also I messaged you earlier and you didn't reply, and normally you do.

Is this an incorrect conclusion and why couldn't u say so in game to correct it?

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Do you have ss of that message you send me ? 

And i talked about today only jackb all know you are like chuky, insult and cry.

But do you really have a proof from somewhere i sharing my acc or only that message i didn't answered you ? If not keep your mounth close and stop insult magna member too for lowest reason thank you :)

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2 hours ago, Jackb said:

i have to ask higgins, why have u closed a post about someone who admits scamming, there is proof too, and then allow this topic which is trivial in comparison?


Could you please explain me about the topic you are talking about?


Secondly, this topic is 1 year old and people (you in this case) revive it out of thin air, whenever they want, without an apparent reason. Do you really pretend me to be aware of every single topic that it was created so far?


In any case thank you for letting me know of this topic and Please let me know in a private message about the topic you meant; this is not the right place to talk about this, and If I am allowed, I will try to explain 🙂 

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