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welcome to my looney house

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:crazy: war is the objective ..... I am known as looneybins aka captainlooney aka looneytoon  >:D join my clan( ElF slayers) I will help as much as I can.....n I recomend that all members stick together in war  .... Rule #1 always help a fellow member in pvp cave ..rule # 2 always help kill elfs with other members if they need help to kill rule #3 we f**k sh*t up lol also we r a war based clan we fight elfs to kill for fun ...reply if u want join ...oh an welcome to the looney house :wacko:

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Thanks on support for my clan once I get steady members we can make ranks n titles for everyone this is to secure our victory in war an stop ganking in pvp cave unless its US doing the ganking lol but I prefer my clan not to gank unless elfs provoke it..... Loon :wacko:eybins ..have fun

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