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How to remove any Headgear visually (Cloth,lightweight and heavy helmet)


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The directions (Actual/Simpler version) are posted under the intro.


Don't you think sometimes when you create a new player, you tend to stress so much about what color and/or hairstyle should you pick for your character. Or maybe you just brought one fresh off the market. Be it the Miracle Shop or the Second-hand Dealer. And then you ended up not being able to show them off for like the entirety of game 'cause you always have to wear a headgear? Well, thankfully I bumped into a specific game feature that will fix that problem.


Actual directions:
● Click the "Menu" button (Lower right)
●Then click the "Character" button (Upper left)
●Then click the "Equipment" button (Upper left (Just as where the "Character" button is before you clicked it)).
●After that, all of the Items that your Character have been Equipped should show up.
●Then you'll see a "Menu" button at the lower right side of your screen (It seems similar to the first menu button that you've clicked but this one have different options in it) CLICK IT.
●Once you've done all that, click the

"Look Settings" button. It's under the "Amplify" button and beside the "Repair Items" button (It's very hard to miss).
●Then you have to click/uncheck the

"Show Helmet" text (Make sure that the Check inside the Box is gone).
●Click the "Apply" button at the lower right side of the screen (Just as where the "Menu" button will always be but this time it's the "Apply" button).


Simpler version:
1.) Click "Menu".
2.) Click "Character".
3.) Click "Equipment".
4.) Click "Menu" (It's different than the first one).
5.) Click "Look Settings"
6.) Click/Uncheck "Show Helmet".
7.) Click "Apply".


*You may consider looking back and forth on the Actual Directions and the Simpler Version of the tutorial for you to have a broad idea on where to go.
*You'll just remove it visually

(as it is said on the title) so the whole item will still be equipped by your character including it's bonsuses whatsoever. It will just become invisible.
*If you have any questions, suggestions, clarifications. Feel free to join in the thread. Just keep it as close to the topic as possible.
*And also I'm currently playing on android while I'm making this tutorial so I'm not very sure if the settings on the IOS/iphone version of this game is different.

*I also think this is a feature that most RPG / MMORPG lacks and must have. Doesn't matter if it's Modern in Gameplay or Modern in Graphics this needs to be a famous feature in this type of genre (Totally just my own opinion).

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