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Shadows of Berengar


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I couldnt make enough parties in game for Shadows of Berengar, so i made topic in forum. Max parties i made in game is 1pt and 2 players. Now i have no party or anything so who is not yet done with shadows please join. If we get enough players we will atack at 13:00 +1GM. Place of gathering camp-riff.

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Shadow of berengar..only player play at lv 15.i want leave this game.coz no player want finish quest shadow of berengar..give me potion 2000 healty per second..i maybe win


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Be patient. You will see in world chat when they are trying to do that quest.

Its a hard quest only questers can do. So you need to have enough questers to be able to finish the quest.

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If you don't know how to kill those things then here's a little guide.



Party members: You should have 1(or more) priest/necromancer, 1 Shaman/Druid, rest long range attackers capable of tanking, or then fairly useless melee characters who are usually in the way.


This is crucial: Stand in the top left corner of the room And have long range character aggro the enemies to the corner. And melee characters stay in the corner don't even try to attack because you will most likely mess up.



Stage 1: First kill either red or the one left to him. Only those two will attack you (other shadows come and shoot you every now and then) If you have two parties you can both attack different shadow to make it easier.


Stage 2: After killing those two move on to the top right corner of the room and kill the green shadow(?) well the one right of where red was. Proceed as stated above.


Stage 3 : Next there is 3 shadows left. You should figure out the distance where only 1 shadow can attack you at the same time and kill the rest that way.


Stage 4: After they are all down start killing them 1 by 1. At this point its only a matter of time until all of you are done with the quest.


Note: Shadows drop the mirror for only 1 person at the time so don't leave the room until all of you have gotten the mirror. You cannot re-enter the room after obtaining the mirror.


Also as an insurance it could be good to have some health potions with you just in case you mess up and are about to die.  (If you mess up you are most likely dead but there's always hope to recover from it)


Have fun :good: 








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You'll need two necros and a shaman (maybe a warlock for faster kills), just go to the left upper corner, and first kill the red one, then the another one who can get into the corner. Easy

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