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What's "THE BEST" Magic based class (The ones who uses staffs) for dungeons?

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Well I'm currently playing a "Hunter" class right now He's lvl 12 and I've had many dungeon quests and as the noob weakling I was (and I am still now), I always tend to ask for help from the World Chat or my Guild. So I really loved the help from the people who came over and gave it so I really want to be that kind of a player too. There are Rouge classes that also came over but they tend to be more common than others so I don't like them too much (although I heard they're too OP  compared to other classes)


So I really want to have a magic based player and I want to focus on helping the people in need (in dungeon quests to be specific). 

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3 hours ago, Ikafati said:

There's no BEST class, since all of them are useful in one way or another. You can't compare damage dealers to healers

Okay but what class do you recommend specifically for dungeons? Lets say one is a healer and one is a Damager (But I somewhat prefer a class that is good in both but if I'm gonna choose I gotta go with a DMG type).

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