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Quit button in normal Arena fights.


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There is this BM-trend that's been going on for a while now in Arena, and it really ruins the whole Arena, and the one who came up with this idea is a messed up guy.

Some people in this game go in Arena and while fighting the opponent, if the managed to, they kill all the members, but leave one without killing him, and they keep stunning him till the whole 7 minutes run out. They do this to waste other people's time. I think it's a very toxic and sh*tty behavior and I see no honor in winning like that. It also kills the fun for the others, while even losing can be fun in nice fights.

Of course I'm not objecting about people actually fighting people who are on a 1hr spam or something to compete for a rank in the season, of course that's completely justified, it's just this thing of kill all and "stall" the other, that brings nothing to the game but more toxicity between players.


I suggest adding a quit button like in Seal Arena but for the normal arena as well, it should also have a minimum time before you can use it, something between 2 and 3 minutes, and of course, it would be considered a loss. (Still a win considering not having to deal with such ppl)


Clearly arena is pretty inactive and it is for obvious reasons that were pointed out in many other posts on the forum, I hope devs do some serious changes in the next season.

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