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(Blind + Frost = stun) (Fear chance more?)

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           So mage have a new stun but I find it hard to use in PvP due to the few seconds you have to wait to stun. Not only that, but the duration of blind is very short. I haven't test the duration of max blind because you know it dmg outside targets only and my mage mage only lvl 22. Another thing, it don't work vice versa. The duration of frost is longer. I think it should work both ways. Or at least frost then blind. Honestly, make the skill just stun alone.

     Another thing. Fear chances for max fireball? The chances still too low.

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1) i vote for bliding fire dmging main target aswell

2) mage with too much stuns would be op, fear is both useless as pvp now bcs very low chance, and bad at pve cuz can make boss evade so basically at many bosses i can't use blaze... why not just remove it? in exchange buff blaze dmg a bit or/and consider my first point

3) i don't think blaze+frost should work both ways, waterball works same. But it"s true since there is the 2s CD for expert skills one has to be rly quick to use stun, so increasing the duration of blind would be nice (and it's an expert skill after all... pretty weak now)(or changing to frost then blind as Speedom suggested, it's just the same)

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