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Need more active skill slots

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well maybe yes add a separate slot for pots, it would be nice since we won't have to change hotkeys setups from pots to skill everytime we go arena.


But i came here for another idea: make it possible to use skill via skill menu, even if they aren't assigned. This way it would save slots: paladin's light defense, necro darkpower and others long cd buffs could be used this way. And the best: we could use skills with mana rege consumption once, with no need to reasign if the skill switches off bcs of a lag or a lack of mana for instance.

I guess it won't be too complicated would it? It would just require to add a "use" button next to other "amplify" "study" or "asign" button when u click on the skill

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Theoretically it can be done, I think. It is enough to use the same mechanic we have for guild skills and apply it on our normal skills. 


But Idk if this is technically possible, that's more something that an Admin or a Dev can answer in the best of the ways. 

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