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Seekers Mana Drain

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Honestly, I need a reason why both exacerbation and solar power drain 8mana per 2 sec at max and together is 16mana per 2sec. I can't really enjoy the skills together with 76 mana regain. I'm a pve seeker and doing high hp boss with mana draining so fast sucks. All my accessories and my belt have mana regain. I think the mana drain should be cut and the 2 sec should go up. Seeker have any comment about this? Mana pots rarely sell.

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True... I still run out of mana even with 101 mana regen. Due to this cannot use any other skills like shield, dangerous blow, splitting blow the only rotation i can do is inspiration, split and blood thirst. :hopeless:

We are already paying the price for using solar power by taking increased damage by 10% then why are we limited by mana too? :calm-down-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:


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That's sadly why I cut solar power out of my build. God I loved it very much. As post above said even with Max Regen/minus amu with Regen. You run out. I've found a sweet spot of my build where I can spam skills with only exab up. 81 Regen. Current build is 4-4-3-2-5 Max bloodthirst. I currently pull 450-600k dmg in tp myth/cc hero. Full cc 26 gear and 2hander. 2h build is amazingly fun only with high CD. We can't have best of both worlds. Choose solar OR exaberation. Simply not being able to spam skills when off CD is very silly on anyone's part. Just solar build sweet spot is 90-100 Regen. Current stats with gear only +8 27 tp axe. Prolly switch back daggers if new horror ones. We can't have it all. Pick and choose your playstyle, solar very bursty, exab sustained damage. 


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