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More RNG in Dungeons?

More RNG in Dungeons?  

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  1. 1. Hello. As we all know, as much as we may enjoy doing something, over time, it can get repetitive and less exciting. I love some good, fun PvE marathons. Dungeons are a great way to kill time, but as interesting as they are, I think they could use some more spiciness. How about adding some random mechanics to future dungeons? Not anything that would make the dungeons either insanely difficult or super easy depending on randomness. More like different ways to make each dungeon run a bit different, instead of the same exact run for hours. For example, Tree of Seasons has the Boss location generated randomly each time. Even though the possible areas are just a few, we don't know where the boss is until we find her. Another fun one was in the Spring Event Solo Dungeon (can't remember the name, sorry). That one was always fun because of the random teleportation and it worked because it was a solo dungeon (please don't do this to party dungeons, unless the chosen teleportation areas are the same for all party members :D). Again, I wouldn't suggest anything that would make players' life a cyber hell or anything that could make drastic difference in the time it takes to complete the dungeon or the difficulty of the dungeon itself. Just, y'know, something to spice things up a bit and make it harder to fall asleep and let your team members die a horribly (this is not a confession, by the way)  So what do ya say, players, devs? RNG is not so bad, is it? Just as long as its taken in at a considerable moderation. :) 

    • Yes, RNG!
    • No RNG
    • Go play Mario Maker

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Yes yes yes yes YES YES YES do it pls!



Im not used to go dg often, but yes, even going 5times in a row dg map 1 is boring bcs always the same. Bg and Kronus are less annoying but i guess it's bcs it's not so simple :D

So it would be rly cool to have different possible ways, a pack of possible events in the dg, and ofc they shouldn't affect the difficulty of the dg nor the time to complete.


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What made Tree of Seasons special is the randomness of boss positions, even fighting the boss needed some skill in pulling boss before it was fixed.

But yeah, one way to keep the dungeon fun and challenging for a longer period of time.

Examples could be:
- Random spawn of additional mini bosses in unexpected areas.

- Random buffs to the mobs, and debuffs or even buffs for players (In certain areas maybe).

- Random damaging spots (Like Elm).

Also the ones that we already had, to where there are multiple ways to get to the boss.

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I like this suggestion...And i request to devs to make dgs  more worthy. After Spending 15-20 mins in a bone-breaking hard dg, people expect a well-deserved reward ( i know many won't agree with my comment , but it's a SUGGESTION only). Defs,pots can be obtained from the easy mode but in heroic we want something more worthy. For joining a pt for heroic needs good equips and experienced fingers ( we all know none of them can be achieved so easily ).:thumbs_up1:

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On 28/07/2017 at 6:09 PM, Lashabi said:

And i request to devs to make dgs  more worthy. After Spending 15-20 mins in a bone-breaking hard dg, people expect a well-deserved reward. Defs,pots can be obtained from the easy mode but in heroic we want something more worthy.


Warspear Online is not a speedy game. What I mean by this... It was supposed to be time consuming and difficult to get good stuff.

Doing heroic dungeon offers you the possibility to obtain better rewards, as well as the same crap as on lower levels. That's it. No better drop rate, only the promise that if you get a drop, that will be way better than in lower stages.


This doesn't mean I don't agree with you. But believe me, this one will probably NEVER be changed.

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On 7/27/2017 at 1:53 PM, Carpetlick said:

You start with 1, what's 2?

There is no option to have just 1 unnumbered question

On 7/28/2017 at 8:48 AM, Jzargo said:

I believe this suggestion isn't called RNG, from what I know RNG is like %to hit, %to dodge, %to stun, %to obtain loots, etc.


The suggestion is good :thumbs_up1:

Yes, RNG does determine dodge, drop rates, etc. But it can also do so much more. Random Number Generators are just like dice-rolling machines. You provide the possible values, and the machine randomly spits out one of the possible solutions. If you play Super Mario Brothers (since we already mentioned it, lets use this as an example) you would notice that most mobs are almost always behaving the same exact way. That is because their properties are set in a linear fashion. They will always spawn in the same spot, and always move in the same pattern. However, there are some exceptions. Some enemies, like these Chucks, will behave in a manner that is partially generated by RNG. They move randomly, but generally towards the player (each type of Chuck has its own properties), and their behavior can change back and forth depending on the player's interaction. maxresdefault.jpg

Then there's also these Magic Koopas. Any block that gets hit by his magic wand will turn into a random object. It could be an enemy, or a power up. magikoopa-500x372.jpg The fact that these enemies have just a tiny bit of randomness in them makes them unpredictable and no one can know for sure what will happen until it has happened. This makes them a terror to speedrunners, because they are a variable, and not a constant. They don't always do the same exact thing like a robot. Their little RNG makes it almost as if they had a mind of their own, and makes them more interesting enemies. In other words, its like throwing a monkey wrench, and who doesn't love monkeys?


It would be great to see just a bit more randomness in Warspear Dungeons, I think. Nothing too crazy. Just something to make dungeon runs feel a bit different rather than exactly the same every time. 

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