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SiN-Us Sapphire

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SiN Is Open for New Members Who Enjoy Arena and Farming (: 


Ill upload A video here to get the Around feeling what SiN is about Inquire ingame to any Heir to Join.



Guild Level 2

All Skills Maxed 3/3

Storage maxed and Stocked with Equipment,Tickets and Pots for Loyal Members.



Heir Names:








Also Dkcam wanted to post this video as an Introduction for himself... even though it's childish I think it's funny so I'll post 

:blush: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cnBzAJclt6A


Edited by Turtle

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3 hours ago, Aкasha said:

Please Turtle, give to us more information about your guild

  • Server
  • Alliance
  • Level/skills
  • GP/member or other requirements
  • Nick of heirs/leader to invite new members



Thank you!

I appreciate it and made a couple edits to the original Post :pin2:

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