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I need help getting my character back


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My character got deleted by my brother cause he was mad and i spent miracle coins on him and he is lvl2 i can't afford to buy 3999 miracle coins cause that's insane please help me get him back 


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Unfortunately, there is no other way to get it back. 

If it was level 2 you could simply start s new one (and don't share your account info with your brother any more).

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22 minutes ago, Aкasha said:

the time you're spending here, you'd have already gotten your char lvl2, it takes less than 1min :panda7:



35 minutes ago, ymickles said:

No the thing is i spent m coins on him and my brother went on my phone and deleted the char 


Why do you spend mcoins on a lv2 character in first place...?

And did you use all of those mcoins or did you just buy them?

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