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What Is The Top 3 Skills I Need To Be An Awesome Shaman?


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1. Lightning blast / blind (most wanted), should be 5th level, you can kill all classes

2. Healing (recommended)

3. If u have fast internet or using PC so use skill build like spanish n yunzhii, raise earthquake to 5th level, let the lightning ball on lv1 only, but if u have slow internet, so raise ball to 5th level and let earth staying on lv1, because earthquake always fail in lag position. Thats my idea

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Blind and heal 5 very recommended. Then its damage or stun? Generelly speaking ppl use stun with quake 4 or 5. Its very good support build and works very good arena to since you can stun and lock movement so long your low damage is not a problem. This build only has one weakness and thats other range classes, specially if you end up 1on1. But these builds are very good allround.

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my opinion:


for fight:

Blind 5

Lighting Ball 5

Heal 5


for farm (only supporting):

Heal 5

Earth Protection 5

Earthquake 5 (to help evade mobs or hold them if u want skip ;D ) or Lighting Ball 5 if u want farm+damage


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Leaving quake lv1 makes you vurnable to melee and all melee classes have gotten buffed last patches, getting caught by melee hurts more then ever.  I play with low quake, but idk if id leave it at lv1.

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On 7/3/2012 at 2:46 AM, MarcMoney said:

Im Working On A New Shaman (Dispensex) And Im Wondering What Are The Top 3 Skills I Will Need To Be An Awesome Shaman,, Also, I Wanna Be A Healer..

Man. I Was Young Asf Lol...

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