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Mechanism of Craft Achievement

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Dear sir,

I would give a suggestion about the mechanism of crafting achievement. After the update of new heroes, so many people creating new hero including me. Meanwhile, the craft lv increased by 2 too. Which mean, takes long time to get max craft achievement (medal) if we don't spend mcoin too much. Also for old heroes which they are still lv 17 (craft) or below, they must continue crafting until lv 20. It's lucky for people who have done craft achievement since lv 16. 


This is my suggestion: Make craft achievement same as player lv achievement.


Melee Craft I - Complete melee craft task until lv 5

Melee Craft II - Complete melee craft task until lv 10

Melee Craft III - Complete melee craft task until lv 15

Melee Craft IV - Complete melee craft task until lv 20

So all players could achieve their medal although they are not yet lv 20 for each type of craft.


Hope you would read this and I'm looking forward for my suggestion. Thank you :)

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