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Charmer and Warden - a little bit OP.


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Hi, I'm a paladin with an attack dmg of 600+ and 200+ magic with 40%+ ferocity, 8k defence and 15% resilience.  

It just bothers me that a level 20 shield charmer, 200+ magic atk, no ferocity, no resilience, 3k def just raped me. :D

It's like another DK but now, with a free minion. 

As you can see, just by simply looking at charmer's skills, it  also have a 'Full Stun Cycle'. And I just witnessed that yesterday when that lvl 20 was pvping almost every one even lvl 28s on pvpcave. 


1 stun on basic skill, 1 petrify expert, 1 stun buff that needs 5x atk stacks expert and 1 stun expert. 

That's 3 stuns and 1 petrify that the charmer cycled leaving all its enemies just standing there waiting to die slowly (coz he was just lvl 20 with no decent gears lol).


And yeah, I died 2x from the 'Stun cycle' considering the fact that I can't even cast my Fetters of Justice ( 1 click aoe paladin stun that doesn't need a target coz u just click it). I mean even FOJ can't be casted? Where is the balance there? So if I am questing and I encountered a charmer, better just run coz there is no escape if you get caught with a single stun.  Hope you guys look into this matter, coz that was just a level 20 charmer with basic gears. What more when they become pro? 

This is a game with a lot of features and u can't just simply ignore the fact that some classes outplay others because they are meant for other roles. So does that mean that me, as a paladin can never play pvp against forsaken classes coz I'm a tank support more suitable in doing party-based gameplay? So I can't enjoy the fun of challenging forsaken classes coz, yeah, even a lvl 20 +1 warlock can just simply rape me and I can't touch them.

That is like a big wtf, years of playing and a noob +1 just plays you because they are meant to you and you are meant to do other purpose. 

Playing Ws as a paladin but can't enjoy some features coz u are not meant to be for that. So I can just play dungeons, questing nothing else. :D 



2nd is the warden. 

Only 1 thing, the expert skill that continually consumes energy and gives stone skin buff. 

600+ dmg, 40%+ ferocity hitting a 4k def, 0 resilience warden 200+? So what more when they use full arena armors and amps? I'm just gonna tickle them and laugh together coz +10 level 25 arena wep and shield , 46% fero and can't even properly dmg a block-healing warden. :D 


That's all, devs. Please look into this matter. :) 

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The stun cycle seems like an op thing for pvp (pve is fine as the petrify gives monsters back their hp; maybe it should be adjusted so that it'd give player targets an epic boost to health regeneration for the duration of the skill), but as a tank, you can try do the following:

1. Acknowledge the fact that the meteorite skill only has a chance to stun. Strike when it fails.

2. Get op block. If you block one stun, you can unleash your fury. (Or dodge, but then you'll need to sacrifice some of your def.)

3. Get op health regen and recover your health while petrified.

4. Stun them first. While the charmer's basic stun is ranged and hard to avoid, you can jump to them before they target you and then fetter them and then...

5. Accept the fact that rock can't beat paper.


Wardens were accused of their poor damage. Isn't it only fair that they have op def? What is more, the constant consumption skill consumes energy constantly, either making the warden running out of energy if you can hold him off or sacrificing other stats for energy regen.

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1)energy consumption from dmg reduction skill is ok

2)block-heal skill need balance atm warden is undestructible


EDIT: and remember that they will have two other experts...

As for charmer i think call need to be nerfed for low lvl and buffed for high lvls.

Hunter and seeker seems balanced. Hunter got a lot of stuns but i feel like dmg is really lower than range.

For seeker i feel like basic skills are good but i feel like expert skills are bad.

But i have to say i deleted hunter cuz i don't like it and that i didn't checked very closely seeker's experts.

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20 hours ago, TheCabbage said:


2. Get op block. If you block one stun, you can unleash your fury. 


Actually, blocking useless coz u only block the damage, but not the effect which is the stun. 


20 hours ago, TheCabbage said:


Wardens were accused of their poor damage. 


Nope, even a full block warden can still equip dmg cloak and accesories + 4% faction bonus dmg. 

Unlike paladins, equip dmg accesories and most of your skills are ducked. 


So a warden can equip 2x dmg accesories (cloak and amulet) and still have full block gears and max energy regen combo. 


If a paladin equips semi dmg/magic accesories, others skills would be sacrificed.  Lack of magic means almost all paladin experts will have low dmg. 


Maybe I'll just accept the fact that rock will never beat paper. Accept the fact that paladins are junks in pvp compared to forsaken faction. Mediocre in pve now coz yeah, they just released a super tank, who needs a pala now?  Everyone in-game who played pala knows it sucks in most aspects late game. Only good thing is the super OP burst dmg when fighting someone 1v1 when both of you are literally alone. :D


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